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PIZZA HUT Manger, Bangin the boss? Read and share please?

Please share?

To whom this may concern:

All incidents and occurrences have taken place on June, 11th 2014 at Cornelia Pizza Hut, managed by Daland corp. 1604 441 Bypass, Cornelia, GA 30531.

The day of June 11th started off as a great day. I always like to get to work early. I just feel better when I’m there early and know what’s going on. I don’t like to be late, and when I’m there on time I feel late and behind. I had waited on guests, organized the table under the dish area, worked on salad bar prep, organized the server area to make sure all dry goods were fresh and rotated, prepared for the truck and many other things to keep me busy. I don’t like to just stand there and do nothing. I was in and on the clock at 4pm.

Five o’clock rolls around and the evening team starts arriving. Every one was ready for work. I was ready to get this night started. I was bound and determined to have a great night, and to not let anyone come in the way of having a great night. The night started out slow, so as usual I went to clean and organizing things, answering phones, and of course taking care of my guests that were there. I helped anyone who did need help, I wanted to make sure that everyone was rush ready.

Phyllis, and Steve arrive. Phyllis always comes in with a smile, and regardless of the day she had prior to work, is always so nice to be around. Phyllis as usual greets everyone and goes about her night. After a few seconds of Phyllis coming in. Steve comes in through the back door. Does not say anything to any one. Just turns to the right to go by the kitchen to get to the front of the store where Drive Thru and front registers are. Of course as usual does not greet anyone, and has that hateful look. Pretty soon after business starts to pick up, phones start ringing, and everyone starts getting busy, Steve starts going around delegating tasks like a manager does. No issues with that so ever, but the only issue is his tone of voice. He isn’t using a calm voice to ask anyone to do anything, and well seeing how YUM brands Pizza Hut, and Daland Corp. are so stern about our HWW2 principles, recognizing, and having belief in all people; the voice Steve was talking in and delegating the tasks was not one of how the Brand standard for managers to behave, according to those principles of the company(s).

I am in the middle of getting an order from the cut table to take to my table. The phone rings, I answer and begin to take an order. The guest has me placed on hold because she is asking a question to her family. I in the back ground hear Jimmy (the cut person) let Steve know that he had done something and didn’t even have to be asked. Steven then quoted to Jimmy “ That’s your job, am I supposed to tell you that you are doing good when that’s your job?”. We could use this as one example of many, that Steve is not familiar at all with the Company(s) policy of “Recognize, recognize, recognize” term. This wouldn’t be out of the ordinary of conversation, but the Company(s) does not believe in talking down to your team.

I know as a manager you cast a certain shadow, always no matter what the situation the shadow you cast is supposed to be positive, and as a manager no matter how bad your day is, how bad you hurt, how bad anything is; you should smile and continue on with casting a positive Shadow. I also understand and know that we all are humans, and that a “manager” is not a machine, but I also know as well that your team shouldn’t be afraid to come to you, shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, shouldn’t be afraid of a simple approach to a resolution to any situation. Steve does not cast a positive shadow, he as a couple of times in the years I’ve known him, but they are few and far between. I know that the team does pick up on the vibe, and well after all the team does suffer greatly from the negative shadow. Steve should be coached/trained on how to actually talk to, and act as a manager. I did learn the hard way and almost lost my job over the way I acted, which was just like Steve.

I understand that Steve has medical issues, and so do I. We both have the same issue Diabetes. I know how one reacts when nothing is going right with your body, so I could completely understand if he was going thru a mood because of the reaction of foods to his body. Simply enough I can recognize signs. Seeing how Phyllis and Steve do have arguments as any couple would. Steve often comes in and has a very sour attitude because of the verbal fight that had occurred prior to work. I have seen on several occasions how Steve does talk down to the team, Steve may not be aware, but the way that his voice and physical appearance are as he delegates the task, you would think you are in trouble, or as a by stander you would think the team member really ticked Steve off.

I know that to go around the store, after being out for a week on vacation (in Steve’s case being sick and no fun) Should at least come back and greet his team, after all the team is what could be considered the heartbeat of the restaurant. Steve is going around the restaurant seeming upset, and does not seem to think anyone deserves the respect of an encouraging way to get a certain task done. Also no team members were greeted, just immediate tasks had been delegated. I know there were no compliments, no asking of how any one is, no observance of what has been done while in Steve’s absence. I must confess, no I’m not every where and no I don’t know every single thing Steve did, but I’m very observant. I do recognize a lot more than given credit for.

I am no means stating I’m an Angel at all. I do know that I did attempt my best to stay out of Steve’s way. Not saying I was in his way, but I didn’t want any kind of confrontation. I knew that was the best way for both of us to not get into an argument. I made a deal with my self to make sure I kept occupied. I didn’t want any kind of drama. I made sure I stayed busy. For doing my job, I get a smart remark from Steve, which all  I had said back was I don’t wanna hear it. So with Steve blowing up like he did, that is shear proof of Steve being a ticking time bomb. I didn’t even say I don’t wanna hear it in a snappy way, I also said I’m doing my job. Only at which he had said I was done, did I blow up.

Well how the rest of the evening played out was all but peaceful. The dining room started filling up at a fast rate. I was very excited because we were getting busy, and only two servers. I was very glad that the other server had called out. Brandy and I could handle this because we worked together very well. So I had a table of 5, 3 adults and 2 small kids. I know how very small children are, and there was a huge mess. Does not bother me because that’s why I’m there to serve guests, and take care of the guests, and messes come along with the job. Nothing New, well I hadn’t had a chance to get the plates, and bottles of empty beer off the table because I had got triple sat. As people left I’d clean a table, and other guests were pouring in. Perfectly fine with me.

I am extremely busy, Brandy is extremely busy and we all at Pizza Hut are big on team work, and I had went to the cooler to get salad bar refills to replenish the salad bar. I walked out and our cook Bobby was cleaning off the salad bar for us, I’m not afraid to admit that we really did need the help. My prime goal was making the guests happy, also your guests do understand that you need to replenish the salad bar. I had let my guests know in advanced that’s what I was going to do, and I would be back real quick to check on them. My guests never had to want for anything, I may have been busy, but they cam first, and so did the phones.

I’m finally getting caught up, and where I can get more done. I do always pre-buss my tables, but the table where the kids were required more than carrying a dish, and wiping down the table. I went to the back to drop off dishes from my other tables, and Phyllis had helped us finish up the salad bar and removed the other empty containers from the table I had been using. Phyllis was back in the dish area emptying out and putting dirty dishes in the sink.

Steve comes back to BJ, the dish washer, and tells BJ to get the buss tubs, and I let Steve know that I’ve got it all. Steve reply’s back with “I didn’t ask you”, so I was happy to be able to show how I could handle the insane business by getting dishes off my table. I go out and grab everything else off the table where the two children were, and turn around to go to the dish area to empty everything, and there are two guests there waiting to be seated. I greeted the two guests and asked if a table would be ok. The guests pointed out to a booth that I didn’t even realize was available. I let the guests know that they could go right ahead and sit there and I’d be right back with the menus. I grabbed two menus and headed to the back just to sit my tray down, and I was going to give menus to the guests as soon as I sat down my tray.

I always believe when I sit a guest, that I introduce myself, let the guest know of specials, explain the menu, get a drink order, and let the guest know who there server will be. If the server of the guests walk up, then I turn and introduce the server to the table. I know that everything that we could do for each other is very helpful, even if it’s something as small as greeting/introducing myself.

So I start to head out of the dish area, and Steve is walking to the back and he said to me “When I tell you that I’ve got something, then I’ve got it, if you were doing your job the guests would have been seated” Steve is very focused on the “I” that’s not in team. I told Steve I had sat the guests and was going to give them menus. He started to say something, and I said “It’s my job I don’t wanna hear it” Steve then asks me what I had said so I repeated “it’s my job” Steve asked what I had said after stating it was my job. I repeated back to Steve that I said I didn’t want to hear it.

The moment that come out of my mouth Steve started yelling “that’s it, clock out and do your drop and go home” I repeated to Steve that I was doing my job. He yelled out again, and I said whatever I’m doing my job. He then told me “That’s it your done!”, that would be the moment that I had to think what he meant, he actually meant I was fired. So I’ve never been fired for doing my job, and I didn’t even have a smart tone in my voice when I let him know what I had said. When he repeated that I was done, I went off, Immediately I knew he had fired me. I had took his attitude long enough. I couldn’t control my self. I told him “f” you, and threw my silverware that I had in my hand at him. No nothing hit him, or he didn’t notice and neither did I. He turned around and started walking toward me, and I believe I got close to him and pushed him, and I’m sure he didn’t push me or anything. So Phyllis, started to yell at me and we ended up in the cooler fussing. I let Phyllis know that Steve does not know how to treat people, I also let her know that I’ve came to her several times on how he acts, and I know Phyllis as the RGM has the say of who is fired or not. Of course I wasn’t pleasant when yelling back at Phyllis, I wasn’t calm, or friendly in no means. I was cussing, and yelling and slamming open the cooler door. I’m sure there is more to it, but I seem to almost black out when I get angry like that. Didn’t matter how I acted seeing how I was fired. I know that I wasn’t mature, I know that I didn’t act like a mature person, but some idiot that was rude to everyone around, including my guests because they could hear me yelling and cussing like I was.

I have the medical prescriptions for me, but I don’t have money to go back to the Dr, to have stronger ones prescribed to me. I remember Phyllis telling me that Steve is the ROM. I’m like what is that? She said Restaurant Operations Manager, well that Title does not even exist in Yum, Pizza Hut, or Daland. Steve is an AGM. I then really got upset and realized she is just protecting her man due to the fact that he must feel incompetent to be called an AGM.

I told Phyllis that Steve does not follow anything that is supposed to be fair to team members, and how the HWW2 principles are never followed by Steve. Most of Phyllis’s responses were that Steve is my boss, and I let Phyllis know that he doesn’t have to talk to me like that or anyone, and I already knew that Steve never liked me. Steve never made eye contact when I would be discussing anything about work to him. Phyllis loves to repeat back how Steve is my boss, but in today’s world and according to the standards of Yum that Daland chooses to honor, I was not treated with dignity, respect, or courtesy when being yelled at in-front of the team, also when we were busy and Steve had an issue that concerned something that I did or didn’t do could have waited to be discussed after the rush. Steve should have been focused on the business, not on the fact that I was trying to buss my tables and take care of my guests, after all when it’s busy and we are short handed we are the ones that have to do all of those things to make sure our guests are number one. I feel Steve wasn’t professional about anything that happened. The way I acted was very below professional, very immature, very disrespectful of my coworkers, and the guests. I know that the way he yelled at me to clock out and do my drop, and then fire me in-front of every one like that was not the right thing to do, and according to company standards isn’t correct. I would follow and say things that are in the hand book, but no bother seeing how those polices set forth by daland can be changed at any second. Sure did seem to me Steve was just raring to be a jerk to everyone in the restaurant, from my prospective. In my opinion he returned in a very bad mood, and his personality showed, so did his body language, and his tone he used with everyone.

My coworker Brandy had mentioned to me earlier that night how Steve had upset her because of how he was acting. I let Brandy know to just ignore him and not let him get to you. I should take my own advice, but I believe that my anger had been building up like a time bomb because I couldn’t take Steve anymore. Yes on numerous occasions I did tell my RGM Phyllis about Steve.

As I am in the back, Phyllis finally got me calm enough to where I walked up front to get my drop done. I’m talking to my self and as I walk by Steve (who is on the phone) I guess he heard some of what crap I was talking. I was so mad I don’t even know what I had said. I’m trying to find my tickets and trying to quit crying, and trying not to get mad again. I know on my way up, I did walk out into the dining room shook hands and apologize to the guest that I had upset because of my foul language. The guest looked at me and told me to Smile.

When Steve gets off the phone. He says (loud as possible, but not screaming) If I say anything else to him he will call the law and have me escorted off the property. I told Steve to shut up and die. Steve calls the police and has an officer sent to “escort” me off the property. I wasn’t violent toward Steve, and Phyllis (as Steve’s supervisor, not lover) said nothing and did nothing to Steve. I know that business is business and I am very aware of that. As the RGM Phyllis has a business to run, after all that’s why we were all there, but I felt she should have stepped in. Had Steve not fired me for doing my job and saying to him I didn’t want to hear it, I would have never blew up. I could understand Steve being upset with me if I wasn’t answering phones, cleaning as I go, making mistakes, upsetting guests, and anything else that someone who didn’t really want to be there would do, but No he was angry from the time he walked through that door to come into work, and he felt like being a jerk to everyone else.

The officer arrived, as the officer stepped into the door, I informed the officer that he was there for me. I must have not been a threat, because the officer patiently waited for me to be done with my drop, as the officer walked me out of the store he asked about my night. I told the officer about Steve, and how I regretted the things I had said, and done. The officer said that what’s done is done. I agreed. I walked to Ingles and waited on my mom to come pick me up.

I will honestly say that I was very wrong for what I had said, and what I had done and the way I reacted, but I can only take so much before I blow up. This had been weeks of holding in, not just days, hours, or minutes. I’m not writing this to get a job back, I’m not writing to get anyone fired. I’m writing because I don’t believe I was treated fairly, and I don’t want anyone else to be treated the way Steve likes to treat his team. Phyllis even made up a title ROM, instead of AGM for Steve. I do apologize only to Phyllis, co-workers, and guests for my erratic behavior. I do believe Phyllis could have stepped in and stopped Steve from being such a jerk to begin with. I was told by someone that Roger is aware of how Steve is. I must now believe that because Roger knows, Phyllis is his lover, that Steve thought he could just act like a jerk to anyone.

I had came in the cooler a week ago when the truck was coming. Steve was standing in there cutting off box tops. I asked Steve if it was ok if I could cut the box tops when I’m in the cooler. Steve said no, and I asked why. Steve snapped and said my job was in the dining room. I went and let Phyllis know about Steve snapping. I have gotten into arguments with other team members, and I am no perfect sweet little employee. I do have occasions when I do snap, and I admit it. Also Phyllis had said something about me having been a manager before. Yes I have, and I know that as a manager you don’t act the way Steve does. I also know I’m in the position of a Server, and I’m being talked down to like a piece of dirt, and I’m not going to take it. I don’t care how “professional” I am when Im not in a position to cast a shadow like that of a Manager. Just because I wasn’t in the “Manager” position does not give me the right to blow up like I did either. I only hurt myself, but I am willing to admit that I’m in the wrong, but is Steve?

I do know that Management is the backbone of the whole operation. I know that the management is supposed to deploy bottlenecks in the correct position, coach and support the team. I understand also there are times when discipline is needed, but getting told that by doing your job of cleaning tables that you were not seating guests, as Steve told me is weird. I always work. I never stand there and lean on the pizza by the slice display. I will even go wash dishes, take out trash, anything that I know will help anyone around me. I’m the type that wants to help everyone.

I don’t understand still why Steve was upset, I thought he’d be happy to see that there is a team member that actually likes there job, is not there just for money, is there and loves to talk and interact with guests, and will always find something to do or keep busy. By working and showing that I always work, stay busy this is why I’m dumb founded so much. I guess the need to constantly tell people what to do is one of Steve’s way of management. I know I have been trained in YUM brands management for Taco Bell. I am very aware that the restaurant is not a Taco Bell, but a Pizza Hut, but I also know that the same rules and principals are standard at YUM brand restaurants. The actual Daland Handbook has those same principals in there hand book.

I’m not in the management of Pizza Hut, I didn’t even peek an interest. I did know that having a team member that does help and does what ever needs to be done with out conflict, or complaint is very valuable. I also don’t feel Steve even took time to recognize for the job we his team had accomplished by maintaining cleanliness, rotating, and making sure no empty boxes or boxes with 1 item were left on the shelf.

I do have to say thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I’m sure there are things that I missed out on saying. I’m sure there are questions to be had. There were also immature texts sent out by me to undisclosed recipients. Texts may be sent upon request. Thank You

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